The most important factor to take into consideration when comparing aluminum to wood is that of longevity.  Plain and simple, aluminum will never rot, warp or corrode.  When properly coated, aluminum should require little to no maintenance whatsoever during your lifespan.  Wood, in direct comparison, does rot and warp and therefore requires treatment or repainting every 2-3 years.  Depending on your location, a chemical treatment may be required for your wood structure whereas aluminum will never call for chemicals of any kind.

Of all the materials that can be used to build outdoor living spaces, aluminum is one of the safest.  Due to the components and properties used to make up this precious metal, aluminum is a non-combustible element that does not expend harmful exhalation when exposed to high temperatures.  That being said, in the unfortunate case of a property fire, your Oasis Outdoors aluminum structure is 100% fireproof.

Go green with Oasis Outdoors™.  With the recycling movement gaining momentum in the world, aluminum is getting more and more popular with 31% of all aluminum produced in the United States being produced from recycled material.  Homeowners are looking to surround their properties with structures and products that carry little to no harsh impact on the environment and we proudly manufacture all of our structures from aluminum made in the United States.