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We began developing aluminum structures well over two decades ago. Other manufacturers were still using steel and wood and although most of them are still there today, the fact remains that they suffer under the elements. Steel rusts. Wood rots. There’s no way around it without costly, frequent maintenance.

Research and experience taught us that aluminum is the best material for construction, and more than 20 years later, our structures are still proving us right. Aluminum is:

  • Lightweight, yet extremely strong & durable

  • Naturally resistant to corrosion

  • Further protected by a high-grade powder coated finish

  • Virtually maintenance-free

  • All 300/400 series stainless steel hardware

  • Heavy duty 26 gauge metal roof panels

Oasis Outdoors aluminum pavilions offer life-long and safe, solid construction. Everything you want in an outdoor structure.



Our quality design results from skill, experience, and a commitment to exceed every expectation. Each Oasis Outdoors pavilion and gazebo reflects these virtues down to the smallest structural detail.

Some manufacturers are satisfied with a pavilion, gazebo or other outdoor structure that simply looks good, regardless of reliability. For us, visual impact is only the beginning.

Our designers and engineers pour decades of experience into the essential elements of each Oasis Outdoors outdoor structure. From careful calculation of stress testing to ingenious solutions that enhance function and appearance, no element is overlooked.

This is the way we’ve been doing aluminum construction for over 25 years. Paying attention to the details that matter, whether you see them or not.


The methods of our aluminum construction are hardly secret, but exceptionally rare.

Each pavilion, gazebo and outdoor structure is fabricated and pre-assembled by a team of professionals who have made aluminum construction their life’s work.

These dedicated craftsmen manufacture each aluminum structure in our own facility, under strict quality standards.  Our designs. Our innovation. Every step of the way.

From strategic calculations, to material checks, to constructing, to preparation and loading, our in-house quality control is second to none.

When you purchase an outdoor aluminum structure from us, you’ll know it will last a lifetime.



Oasis Outdoors has teamed up with PowderTec, Inc. to ensure the highest grade architectural powder coated finishes available.
Meets and exceeds AAMA 2604 Certification.



Do you ever find yourself asking this question when investing in your home or property?  Renovation and addition investments are critical adventures in one’s journey to bettering their property and these decisions should not be made lightly.

If you’ve ever wondered why aluminum is the better choice over other materials, you should know that the qualities of aluminum surpass that of it’s counterparts.  Advantages of aluminum are absolutely NO rust. NO rotting. NO maintenance required.  This along with a high structural strength alloy allows our aluminum structures to reign over steel or wood no matter the application.

As for the environment, Oasis Outdoors pavilions are made using 100% recyclable aluminum.

Outdoor living structures add functional space to your landscape and therefore have the potential to render increases in overall property value.

Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, which means that it will NEVER rust and is resistant to all corrosion.  Being the most weather-resistant material on the market to date, aluminum can endure the effects of long-lasting exposure to rain, snow, and UV rays.

Our powder coated aluminum pavilions require no maintenance. (occasional cleaning can be done if desired)

No matter what friends, family, or neighbors say, looks will always matter.  Regardless of if you want to boast your personality or match your house, aluminum can be manufactured into a variety of designs, patterns, and colors.  This not only satisfies your creative taste, but blends your structure seamlessly into it’s surroundings, improving your landscape in its entirety.

Our structural & architectural aluminum alloys provide extremely high strength to weight ratios (we exclusively use 6005A-T6 aluminum alloy).

Projects constructed from aluminum tend to be at a lower price point than that of steel and although aluminum is slightly more expensive than wood, it becomes the better choice once cost and time of maintenance is factored into the overall price.  Aluminum is the more affordable choice with it’s one-time investment, no additional costs and minimal to no maintenance.

Oasis Outdoors, Inc. uses only 100% recyclable aluminum.

Aluminum Vs. Wood